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Rati (IN)

Under the artist name of Rati she makes a lot of digital works strictly on her iPhone. She has an inspiration behalf of what happens in her daily life. Combined with all the glamour and non-glamour wondering in this world.

Exclusive Artists - Paintings

Sarah Van Hoe (IT)

During an exposition in Roeselare (BE), my hometown, we met again. Sarah is a Belgian Artist attracted by the wealth of culture which fills the atmosphere of Italy, drifting away from Europe across the mediterranean and the oceans, to create a natural link with the east and west. Art constructed on the work of musicians and underground singers, graffiti, cartoon and tattoo artists, clubs and high-class boutique owners, cinema, history, archaeology, myth and the obvious. In the current work, the inspiration found in the desire to represent figures and energies of a primordial universe versus iconography and mass culture, is a way to be funny and ironic, to create images which are easy, immediate and quickly recognizable in terms of approach. The work makes me question, makes us question, whether and how painting can still be contemporary today: a total blending of different artistic genres, images, movement and multimediality.

Exclusive artists - Photografy

Wafaa Samir (EG)

Wafaa Samir is a photographer and an artist based in Cairo, Egypt.

She studied at the faculty of fine arts, Helwan University and received

her Ba in 2013. Her passion for photography started in 2010 and She

currently works as a freelance photographer and designer. Although

she explores different art mediums like photography, video and

installation, photography has been her main output.

“My work is a reflection of who I’m and what state I’m in. It’s a way to

describe my thoughts and feelings without words. I chose making self-portraits because I believe that one becomes most sincere and honest with oneself, and that’s what I’m seeking in art sincerity and genuineness”

Nathalie Dunham (VS)

The theme of accumulation has been constant since graduate school, and she approaches the sculptures as if a three-dimensional sketch, purposefully leaving the materials raw. The collection of material, such as pet screen, twine, strappings, and shims, assembled loosely on rods and brackets, allows the shapes to morph and shift freely.

Most sculptures grow from the wall or the ceiling. At times large enough that one can even walk through them, her sculptural installations overwhelm by their sheer size, but, contradictorily, the natural materials provide moments of meditation, similar to a Japanese Garden.

Dunham’s work is incredibly process oriented, and, like the contemplative emotions her sculptures inspire, the pieces function as a form of relaxation for Dunham. As she states, “When life is crazy the work is more controlled, and when life is calmer the work is looser.”

Exclusive Artists - Paintings

Christophe Bautil (BE)

A young and talented artist born in Antwerp (BE). This autodidact started painting only in 2006 but the world is his playground where he creates a new world with paint, brushes and canvas, each and every time. "What I paint or how I choose my subjects is determined by a     combination of hope, humor, melancholy, beauty, music, silence, positive energy, cynicism and a touch of pepper and salt... or what others wish to see or feel."

Exclusive Artists - Sculptures

Jan Leenknegt (BE)

Jan Leenknegt is a trail-blazing artist -indebted to no-one but himself- whose oeuvre beams with positive energy. The way he groups colours is surprising and unpredictable, a clear trait of his remarkable talent. Without any embarrassment I dare describe his creations as music in colour, rhythmical beauty, unexpectedly solidified movements.

Exclusive Artists - Jewelry

Elisa Lee (BE)

Elisabeth Leenknegt designates herself silversmith, designer and glass artist in heart and soul. She descends from a family of passionate glass artists. Following that tradition, Elisabeth herself makes and designs jewellery out of hand forged silver and mouth-blown glass. They are characterized by a playful design and a great amount of colouring.    Humour is the main ingredient of her work.